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What is an apostille? Typically when a document is executed in the United States for use in a different country, an apostille or consular legalization is required for that document to be deemed valid for use in that country. The apostille has been used for the past fifty years as a verification method that is universally recognized by those countries adhering to the Hague Convention Treaty.
To obtain an apostille, a document will need to be fully and properly notarized and then brought to the proper County and State government offices for authentication and certification. Depending on the country of destination, the document may then be required to go to the respective Consulate or Embassy in New York City or Washington DC for further certification.
  We realize that obtaining an apostille can be a time consuming, frustrating and confusing experience. Each country seems to have its own set of rules. One wrong step in the process will result in the document being denied an apostille and you will be back to where you started. Mobile Notary Services, Inc. is here to make the process efficient, easy and worry free for you. You will not
have to leave your office or apartment. We will do all of the work allowing you to continue on with your day worry free.
  We are an attorney driven company with a carefully selected team. Each team member is experienced in the nuances of the apostille and legalization process. We understand that many of the documents we handle are time sensitive, valuable, or otherwise irreplaceable. For this reason, we decline to use a third party courier service to pick up and take documents from place to
place, preferring our own employees to handle your documents carefully and efficiently. When we are hired we take complete responsibility to make sure that the documents go smoothly through the legalization process. We send one of our notaries to your office, apartment, or any convenient meeting place in Manhattan, the other boroughs, Westchester, Rockland, Long Island or New Jersey. Our notary will properly notarize your documents and take them with him/her when they leave so we can obtain the apostille or consularization. One of our team members will take the documents to the governmental offices to be authenticated and certified, and the legalized documents will be hand delivered back to you. With Mobile Notary Services, Inc., your documents are sure to be completed on time, every time.
  If it is easier you can start the apostille process by visiting us at our office in downtown Manhattan at 22 Park Place, Fourth Floor New York, NY 10007, to sign the documents, have them notarized and leaving them with us to get them apostilled. Our office is conveniently located a few blocks from the brand new Fulton Center in the heart of the Financial District, a five
minute walk from the nearest Path Station. Our office is easily accessible by the A, C, 2,3,4,5, J, Z, N and R trains.
After many years in the business processing all kinds of documents, we are certain that we are the quickest, most efficient and most knowledgeable apostille service in New York.
If you need an apostille give us a call today at 212-249-2073, send us an email at info@newyorkmobilenotaryservices.com, or for more information feel free to visit www.newyorkmobilenotaryservice.com.
Our company is the most professional and experienced of its kind in New York. Bringing you excellence in mobile notary services. We guarantee that each of our notaries is knowledgeable, professional and respectful of your time and privacy. Having been in the business
for over a decade, we’ve experienced it all, we will make sure all notarizations go smoothly and according to legal standards.
With our office located
in the heart of the
financial district near
the brand new Fulton
Center, we are able to
quickly send a notary
to your location.

22 Park Place, 4th Floor New York, NY 10007
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